Get SmartMitt For Colleges or Universities  - Pay $4900.00 for one SmartMitt Pitching Device.  1 year warranty included and 12 user-id's for your pitchers.  After 12 months the user-id subscriber fee will be $10.00/month.

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SmartMitt Premium - Functions - Complete with Computers and Radar

1.  Allows for Sessions to be created.
2.  Allows the pitcher to select the target.
3.  Records the results of the pitch including impact location
     and speed of ball crossing the plate.
4.  Stores the data in the SmartMitt cloud.
5.  GameMode - which allows you to have a pitch plan for your opposing teams.
6.  Practice Mode - Allows you to create a practice plan for
"Around the Horn" or hit a spot and move after X successful pitches or X pitches.
7.  Show all results, by target, by session, historically by target.
8.  Allows you to compare this pitchers results to others in there age and competition.