Now to get the SmartMitt Device Free

Make SmartMitt  a Training System and a Revenue Source.

1.  If the Training Facility, or Team/Organization will commit to getting

      *  50 students/parents to subscribe to SmartMitt  for 12 months at $10/month; or

      *  one annual payment per student at $70, the students will get 5 months free.
2.  The School, Training Facility, or Team/Organization will receive 30% of the monthly revenue paid to SmartMitt from the organizations committed subscribers after 12 months.

3.  Subscribers may be added or deleted during the 12 month period, there is no fee to the organization as long as the number of committed subscribers remains above the committed number.

Get the SmartMitt Device For Home

1.  The Payment of $4900.00 and an annual maintenance agreement is available to put this system in your home.

      *  there is a $10.00 per month to subscribe to SmartMitt

          after the first 12 months.

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