SmartMitt uses patented technology to:

  • Record velocity inside its portable wheeled and padded steel frame

  • Track where a pitch crosses home plate

  • Show each pitch’s movement out of the pitchers hand to the catcher’s mitt

  • Show balls and strikes on the LED hurricane panel built

  • Self contained hardware in a concealed, crush proof steel box

Real Results in Real Time

SmartMitt provides the following results and reporting options:

  • Every Session is captured to our secure database.

  • Every Session can send an email to your Coach, Instructor, and Parents.

  • Every Session can be reviewed online with actual locations displayed.

  • Every Pitcher can follow progress with Analytics, Graphs, and Charts.

  • Coaches and Instructors can view students they are following on a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

  • Coaches and Instructors can turn email notifications “On or Off”.

  • Every Pitcher can compare themselves with others from the Region, State, or Nation based on sport, gender, age, and pitching orientation.

How does SMartMitt work?

  • SmartMitt is an LED panel connected to a computer and a camera. Any variety of targets can be displayed.

  • The camera reads and records the location and speed of each pitch as it crosses the plate.

  • All results are stored by pitcher and session.

  • Results can be reviewed, displayed and sent to players, Coaches, Parents, and Instructors.

SmartMitt was designed for Softball, Baseball, or any sport that requires hitting a target

Like many of you looking at this product, I was a Dad with a son and a daughter as pitchers.

Traveling with my job made it impossible for me to always catch my children's practice sessions. Over the phone or when I returned home I would always ask "Did you throw today?" or " How did you throw today?".

I developed this product to help pitchers practice and show them results...which will encourage them to practice more. I want practice to be fun and competitive.

Who’s using Smartmitt?

a partial List of our Universities and customers