for coaches

SmartMitt comes loaded with the following set of targets, and all targets can be shown with or without the batter’s box outline.

  • Early Development

  • Intermediate Development

  • Select Development

  • Pitcher’s Advantage

Standard Mode

Practice Mode

Allows a coach to create ANY pitching routine to follow and record the results. Coaches can use recurring routines or make player or team specific sequences. Targets can be displayed with the batter’s box, just the target, or target with a LED BATTER IMAGE on the right or left side of the target.


  • Throw "up and in" followed by "low and away"

  • Follow a pre-planned sequence for any opposing batter or a full team

  • Hit each location/target spot X times prior to moving to the next location/target area

  • You have three choices to move to a new target:

    • Move after X pitches thrown

    • Move after X pitches thrown or on success ( I will give you 5 pitches to hit the target but show you the new target if you hit it sooner)

    • Move after you have hit the target X times

Games for pitchers

Coming with the next release!

Imagine being able to make your pitcher's bullpen sessions more competitive and more fun.....while still getting work done.

Compete Pitcher against Pitcher

  • 3 and 2 Challenge

    • Each pitcher gets several batters and must throw a 3-2 pitch for a strike.

    • Record three outs or issue walks. Next pitcher is up.

Strike Out King

  • Each pitcher gets an inning - SmartMitt records balls or strikes.

  • Throw three strikes before you throw 4 balls. Record three outs and the next pitcher is up

  • Pitchers can play multiple innings.

Knock Out or 12 Targets

  • A target changes colors when you hit it.

  • Knock all the targets down, and a player is finished by hitting them all one time each

  • Did you miss and hit a target that was out? turns back on!

Tic - Tac - Toe

  • Two pitchers throw at the LED “Tic Tac Toe” board, if they hit the target they get an “X” and the other pitcher gets an “O”.

Smartmitt Pitcher's Dashboard

  • Each instructor will only see the students that have requested him/her to follow them.

  • Each Coach or Owner, will see all the students displayed by Instructor.

  • Each student will only see pitching routines in Practice Mode that belong to the coach or instructor they are linked to.

  • A student will be able to pitch to the instructors routines on any SmartMitt device.

  • Results are available for viewing by:

    • Player and Parents

    • Pitching Instructors/Coaches

    • College Coaches/Pro Scouts