Game for Pitchers - Coming Soon!



                                   Imaging being able to make your practices competitive and fun.....while

                                   still getting work done.  Coming with the next release:

                                   Compete Pitcher against Pitcher 

                                                 3 and 2 Challenge-  ( each pitcher gets several batters and must throw a 3-2 pitch for a strike. 

                                                                                        Record three outs or issue walks). Next pitcher is up.

                                                        StrikeOut King-    (each pitcher gets an inning - SmartMitt records balls or strikes

                                                                                   throw three strikes before you throw 4 balls - record three outs and 

                                                                                   the next pitcher is up)  play multiple innings.

                                                 Knock Out-    9 or 12 targets.  Knock them all down and you are finished.  A target changes colors

                                                                           when you hit it.  Turn off all the targets by hitting them all one time.  If you miss and hit

                                                                           a target that was turns it back on.