Coaches or Instructors or Parents -  Here are the steps you need to take to track your players.  Coaches and Instructors can create Game Mode.  Follow these steps next:

Players/Students Enter your Information Here   


           Add Student & Parent Info - Long Form


         Add Student Info Only - Short Form

          Request Coach or Instructor  / Player Link          


Players - See Your Results -

Coaches - See your Player Results

Instructors - See Your Student Results

  Depress the Blue Button to Go See Your Data

Coaches/Instructors - Select Link Below                 

           Create Coach or Instructor for SmartMitt

          Create Practice Mode - Specific Pitching Practice Routine

          Create Game Mode  - Opponent and Add Pitches   


Coach or Instructor - Which one am I?

What Does Following a Player Mean?

A Coach has multiple players on their team, and wants to follow multiple players and their success/or misses each session.

A Player will be added to each Coach if the Coach accepts the follow request.

A Instructor is generally a pitching instructor that will follow multiple players on various teams that are taking instruction from the instructor.  A Player will be added to each Instructor if the Instructor accepts the follow request.

Following a Player -  The player will request a Coach or Multiple Coaches, or an Instructor or Multiple Instructors to follow the player.  A email will be sent to the Coaches and Instructors with the request to follow the player.  The Coach and Instructors hit a simple link to follow the player and get notifications of practice session results.

 Practice Mode - This link will allow you to create regular pitching routines that you can follow and keep the results ( ie. throw low and in followed by low and away) or ( Hit each Target spot X times prior to moving to the next Target spot.  Practice defending the bunt as a pitcher to a left or right handed batter with runners at first and third.

Game Mode - This link will allow you to practice the pitching plan for any opponent. Enter each batter, RH/LH orientation, type of pitch, and location of pitch.  Add as many pitches that you want for each batter.

Go to SmartMitt Data - See Results - This is  a link connecting you to our secure SmartMitt Data Warehouse at  You will be required to log in to view your players results.