The SmartMitt Story

Example of Relative Plate Speed.

Early Development               Mid-Range Development         Select Development                   Pitcher's Advantage

( Just Throw a Strike)           ( Throw  To The Corners )       ( Throw a High/Low Strike)    ( Waste Pitch High/Low)

Ball Strike Location.

Example of Pitch Result

SmartMitt was designed for Softball, Baseball, or any sport with a Target

Like many of you looking at this product, I was a Dad with a son and a daughter as pitchers.  Traveling with my job made it impossible for me to always catch my kids practice sessions.  I would always ask "Did you throw today?" or " How did you throw today?".  I developed this product to help pitchers practice and show them results.....which will encourage them to practice more.

SmartMitt was designed to make practice fun, and more rewarding, by giving immediate positive feedback on every pitch and at every practice session.No Catcher is necessary, Just sign in to SmartMitt on your Computer and select the target and type of session you want to perform.  SmartMitt does the rest for you.

SmartMitt will display the target on our 4' X 6' LED display panel, showing the pitcher or player what target they are throwing at.  For Baseball and Softball, that could be High Strike/Low Strike; Corners Only;  Waste a Pitch (when the pitcher is ahead in the count); 

or for beginners,  Just Throw a Strike.         As the player throws at the target, SmartMitt will show the results on the LED panel.

The Baseball/Softball targets displayed are as follows: