Coach or Instructor - Which one am I?

COACH has multiple players on their team, and wants to follow multiple players and their success/or misses each session. A Player will be added to each Coach if the Coach accepts the follow request.

An INSTRUCTOR is generally a pitching instructor who follows multiple players on various teams taking instruction from him/her.  A Player will be added to each Instructor if the Instructor accepts the follow request.

What Does Following a Player Mean?

Following a Player -  The player will email request an Instructor/s or Coach/es to follow him/her.  The Coach/es and Instructor/s simply click a link to follow the player and get notifications of practice session results.

Practice Mode

Practice Mode allows you to create regular pitching routines that you can follow and keep the results. ie. “throw low and in followed by low and away” or “hit each Target spot X times prior to moving to the next Target spot”. There is an infinite number of routines that can be programmed for a team, group or individual pitcher.

Go to SmartMitt Data and See Results

This is a link connecting you to our secure SmartMitt Data Warehouse at  You will be required to log in to view your players results.